My favorite magazine – ageha

There is one magazine that I buy religiously every month. It is called “Koakuma (little devil) ageha”

What makes this magazine different is that most of the models are “Mizushobai” girls. What is mizushobai? Please look here:
Basically they provide companionship to men in special bars and clubs.

Of course they are very beautiful girls!!! I love this magazine because it is so outrageous. The hair and makeup is waaaaayyyyy too out there for me to wear everyday.

Still, there are a few tips I can get here and there and I LOVE this magazine!!!

How this girl puts on makeup…

A comparison on different girls’ eyeliners



Hair color…

This magazine is becoming so popular now and it has a big impact on mainstream Japanese makeup/fashion. For example, falsies are very popular for everyday use because these girls use falsies all the time!

Isn’t it interesting how we all want what we can’t have? I’ve seen American girls buy Japanese magazines ($8 in Japan) for $15 in the US, and some of my Japanese friends buy Cosmo & Glamor for $10.

Me? I have a yearly subscription to Allure. Yeah, we all want what we can’t have!

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19 thoughts on “My favorite magazine – ageha”

  1. Oooh! How interesting!

    I like the little ringlets in the last pic. I want to emulate the eye makeup of the third placed girl in the eyebrow pic, cho kawaii ne?

  2. lol i have a copy of ageha too ^__^ isn’t there a new style craze going about now called i think agejo? i think its derived from this magazine

  3. ohh that’s so pretty. i wish it wasn’t so darn expensive over here to buy.. much less so expensive to ship over here! i should’ve though tto buy some when i went to japan in 07 xP d’oh hahaha next time though!

  4. looks like a fun magazine to look through! i haven’t been able to find anywhere that sells magazines like that…yet, haha

  5. it’s such an interesting mag! putting out such a mag, it’s like mainstream acceptance of the female bar companions …

    thanks for the offer to help me get the tops fr uniqlo … i think i’ll just try my luck when i’m in tokyo next week though i don’t seem to want them so much anymore right now. ;D

  6. i really dont know wuts so interesting about these magazines.. but seriously.. you beauty bloggers posting these up makes me wanna open that damn thing up! i just never seen those around here before.. but supposely its in japanese stores in cali somewhere.. i gotta check it out! i cant wait for you to receive my package heheh did u do other swaps with other ppl too?

  7. sometimes the eyes look so creepy on those girls hehe…but i still can’t help being jealous of their eyes hair and makeup XD

  8. Hahha that’s true! Most girls in the US don’t like Allure (myself included). And I love Japanese magazines that feature lots of makeup! poooo!

  9. lol yea, i try to stay current with the pop culture out here ^__^. i need to get more mags. the most recent one i got is called black and white or something. i think its for the modern women around 25-35.

  10. I love those magazines! The girls in there are so pretty! I can’t read them though cuz I’d be too jealous b/c I can’t get all those cute outfits/makeup, LOL!

  11. lol at your yealry subscription of Allure. Yougo girl!!! i am not a fan of japanese little girl cute mags. but i adore the more mature ones. 😛

  12. I love Japanese mags! Do they still have Honey Girl? I haven’t seen that one here for months.

    But one reason why I wouldn’t pay so much as your friends for American mags is because we get subscriptions for cheap here! I’ve gotten either free or $2 year subs and the mags just pile up for me.

    Oh but I wanted to ask you since you sent KT the Visee Blackish Forming Eyes, do you prefer the B-1 over the B-2? What’s the dif? It’s hard to tell online. =

  13. LOL that is SOOO true, we all want what we can’t have! Lately I’ve been craving more Japanese and Korean products which is really hard for me to get around my area >_< and I’ve also been looking at Japanese magazines online from this site is my Asian fix for beauty products and such lol >_<

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