My dark pigmented lips…

I have a small problem with my lips, or rather, with choosing lip products.

Apparently my lips are super sensitive. When I use a product which does not work for me, the skin on my lips peels like hell until the product is gone.

I guess I’m lucky that it doesn’t make me break out or bleed or anything like that. My skin just sheds!!!

This makes looking for lipsticks a huge pain. Some lippies just make me shed so much that I cannot use them. Most long-lasting lipsticks are like this. Max Factor’s Lipfinity? The first time I tried it, my lips shed and the color flaked away like the way my nail polish chips away! Ewwww…

The other problem I have is that my lips are darkly pigmented. I have pretty typical Japanese coloring, and the last time I was color matched at MAC I was NC 20.

But this is the color of my lips:
And this is my naked lips! It looks like I’m wearing something, doesn’t it????

Because of this, I have a very hard time finding lipsticks which show up on me. If they do, they are usually really red or something…

Lately, I have begun to wear concealer on my lips, but for previously mentioned reasons, I have to be very careful or else the concealer will flake off…

Here’s a picture of my concealed lips!

For my LOTD pics, I’ll try to show one with concealer and one without!

I like the shape of my lips, and I like that I can wear just a gloss on my lips and it will still look good. Still, I’m envious of all the girls who can just pick up a lipstick and it will look the same applied to their lips as it does in the tube!

Do you have anything special you need to do when you apply makeup?

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20 thoughts on “My dark pigmented lips…”

  1. my lips are pigmented too >_< makes using lippies almost impossible because i don’t wanna use a concealer on my lips. have you tried any high end lippies? i’ve recently started to use the rosebud salve on my lips and it’s helping a lot in reducing the dryness/flakiness on my lips. maybe it’ll help if you apply before applying lipstick.

  2. I have really pigmented lips too. I use MAC’s lip erase. I do not know how it will work on you being that your lips are sensetive to most things. But lip erase is like a concealer and a lipbalm in one. Less drying then regular concealer. Hope that helps.

  3. wow! it’s so pink! hehee.. at least you save on lippies and don’t have to reapply throughout the day.. =)

  4. it looks like your lips had liners on. 🙂 that is a funny pic. i was scared by the concealed lips. lol. i didn’t really think about people concealing lips even though i have read about it. now i finally understand. thanks for the post. love it!

  5. I have the same problem with my lips too. It’s pigmented and it flakes off when I use lippies. BUT when I started using carmex it helped a lot. It still flakes some times but it wasn’t as bad as before so I’d just exfoliate my lips from time to time.

  6. You have nice lips!! 😀

    Btw, did you get your package from her yet? because I know one of the girls haven’t & she keeps on playing games like she’s busy & stuff like that. I mean if she’s busy, she should not swap then X( makes me mad!

  7. you have an awesome pigmentation to your lips 🙂 i think i buy lipsticks to get YOUR color! hehee. sucks that your lips peel like that though! my lips are chapped but i don’t get that reaction. what color do you look for in lippies then?

  8. My lips are pretty pigmented too!! I haven’t tried concealer yet because I find it to be kind of drying…but maybe I will next time 🙂

  9. my lips are pigmented tooo!!! you only put concealer over your lips? let me know when you received your package! while packaging yours.. i forgot to add another random item that i wanted to put in for myself.. haha i got too excited wrapping everything so i forgot to add that but its really nothing.. hehe you better like it!!!! =D

  10. Song ling said she got Song Ling’s japanese magazines but when she asked for her parcel, xoannie said she is too busy to send our hers. I mean c’mon! don’t even think of swapping if you cant find time going to the post office. & to think she even think of doing a give away when she cannot even find time to mail you guys parcels. 🙁

  11. Hey I have dark pigmented lips of the South Asian kind – makes everything look different than it is supposed to be. I want to try M.A.C Pro Lip Erase to see if that will help because primers and such don’t do anything.

  12. I’m sorry you cannot get UDPP in Japan, as well as, costing a lot. Maybe you should try any type of concealer… hehe~ Sorry I’m not much help!

  13. You don’t have to envy girls whose lipstick looks the same shade as it does on their lips as in the tube! Altho i have that advantage,a big problem is that my lips are too .. nude.. lol. and without lipstick or the proper makeup enhancements.. i look sick!

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