HK, Rilakuma, and other Japanese goodies

Golden week has officially started. This is a two week period where we have 4 National Holidays. Basically the entire country is on vacation.

I have to go to work on Wednesday (on a holiday) since I’ve got a global review with really high-up folks in my company who work in the US… A high-pressure conference call at night on a holiday… OH JOY.


I haven’t done a post all weekend long. You can blame blogtv for that!

BIIIG thanks to paperdollrevenge, M, Wuz, Kasumi, L, KT, Jen, Danni, Mayaari, Sanny and all the other girls who spent time chatting with me! It gets kinda lonely in Kobe sometimes!!!

But as a good blogger, let me give you a goooooood taste of Japanese goodness…

Here is a shelf in my nearby grocery store

Yes, you heard me right. Tons and tons and tons of HK stuff in the grocery store (NOT a supermarket!)

This picture does not nearly show how long this shelf was. The shelves were stocked from head to toe, and it would have taken 3-4 more pictures of this size to show how big the selection was!

LOOK at this very very very very very cute HK mirror!!!

In the bath / shower section, I saw these REALLY cute pump bottles…

This for all of the Rilakuma fans out there!!!

And what would a Japan post be without some sweets?

Espresso Kit-Kats
I hear ya Jess…

And of course…
It’s green tea season again, so green tea cookies!!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend!!!

xoxo, K

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21 thoughts on “HK, Rilakuma, and other Japanese goodies”

  1. agghhh I wish we had flavored kit kats! boo >_< everything is so adorable in Japan!!!

    Omg it was really fun chatting with you too <333 Hopefully I’ll be able to chat again! Just been a little busy lately almost the end of the semester so I have to start getting busy turning all my homework in and studying >_<


  2. *drool* you have all the good treats! those kit kats look so yummy 🙂 a 2 week “holiday” eh? That only happens at Christmas/New Year’s here…that’s too far away =T

  3. Espresso Kit Kats?! OMG!! Dang Kay!

    Wow that grocery store is a little slice of Kawaii heaven! Look at all the goodies! LOL!

    Blog-tv is addicting right?! And it makes you hungry too! LOL!

  4. OMG really? Why wouldn’t your parents want you to be a engineer?!?! My parents would love it, if I became a engineer! o_O They’re always complaining about my choice to major in graphic design…always talking about the money and saying it won’t make anything -_-” I hate how my parents…well my mom mostly all she cares about is the money. That is why SHE is NEVER happy. blah! Thank you for caring so much Kay! You are such a sweetheart I love you for it!!! *hugs*

  5. How can you keep your money in your pockets when you see things like that??My sister is obsessed with Japan in general, but now I want to come too just to get as many as i can (afford) from these girly, kawaii , HK mostly things! lol

  6. I need those Kit Kat’s in my life!!! How did you not lose your mind around all that Hello Kitty swag. I’d be spending all my Yen (y’all use yens right?) 🙂

  7. It was loads of fun talking to you tooo!!
    I had a dream I went into a grocery store and it had everything HK even HK produce! XD

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