Review: Rohto Hadalabo Gokujun hyaluronic acid Eki

Today is the final in my series of “3 most important things for skin care”! It is, of course, moisturizing!

It seems that East Asians have different concepts when it comes to moisturizing. I put on a watery liquid before putting on a cream. In English, this liquid is often referred to as “toner” but in my mind, that is more like witch hazel. Rose water seems to be a bit more similar. In this review, I’ll call it “lotion” just out of convenience.

A while ago, it started to become popular to do cotton masks with your lotion. More about that soon!

Since I use so much lotion everyday, I need to find one that is affordable, yet works well to moisturize my skin!
What it does: (From Rohto’s website) Super Hyaluronic acid attracts twice as much moisture as regular hyaluronic acid. Moisturizes your skin completely, and keeps your skin moisturized.
(The picture is of the refill in “light”. )

Price: 1260 JPY (around $13) for 170 ml, or 1050 JPY for 150 ml (refill)
I have personally never bought this for this price. The refill can be found for 690 JPY at drug stores. You shouldn’t be paying more than 800 JPY!

Review: Like I said, it is cheap and keeps my skin moisturized completely. The hyaluronic acid works great. The “regular” type tends to be a bit sticky for me and I use the “light” type in the warmer months.

Will I buy it again? Definitely!!!

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10 thoughts on “Review: Rohto Hadalabo Gokujun hyaluronic acid Eki”

  1. i tried the falsies holder again..and it was another failure…bah!
    so funny how toner is called a lotion. the first time i heard about it when getting my fancl stuff, i was soooo confused lol.
    anything cheap and works great is a plus!

  2. ooo this sounds promising ad it got your seal of approval too! I’ll have to go on a search and see if I can find it here in the states =)
    fun fun, and thanks for a great review!!

  3. >Yume-chan

    Yes, I agree paper masks are great!

    > fuzkittie

    H acid has really made my skin smoother and more supple!!!

    > Blair

    Rohto is a big brand for medicine, and Kanebo/Shiseido/Kose all have great drugstore stuff!

    > MiuMiu

    Oh so sorry to hear about your falsies holder!

    > Kimberly Tia

    don’t pay too much money for it!!!!

  4. You know, we’ve talked about this in our e-mails but I think you’re so right. I got the Komenuka Bijin travel set a few years ago but a friend told me I didn’t really need the essence/toner/lotion/emulsion so I didn’t use them.

    But now I know that using one does make a difference! A great moisturizer will still do its job well without one, but using one really adds moisture to a not-so-great moisturizer. I’ll probably always use one now, especially since they can be so affordable! =)

    P.S. I saw some cotton masks at the store and wondered what liquid was supposed to be used with them!

  5. Hi K!!

    I’v been a silent reader for days, but I’d love to see a post on Japanese skincare routines if you please, with the lotion masks thing! I read an excerpt of chizu saeki’s book, is that what she meant too?

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