review: Muji Mild Oil Cleansing

Thank you to everyone for their warm welcome to me! I’m really enjoying getting to be part of the beauty blogger world since I’m an avid reader of everyone’s blogs!

I was trying to get this post out yesterday. I’m very sorry for the delay. Yesterday was an incredibly shitty day for me. So many of my good intensions and high expectations were crushed.

Anyway, back to the review! Today is part 2 of my “3 most important beauty items” – cleanser / makeup remover! Normal face cleanser doesn’t seem to remove my makeup, and I have used oil-based cleansers since they became popular in Japan in the late 1990s. I know not everyone likes them! I’ll talk about oil-based makeup removers in a separate review!

What it does:
From the Muji website: Contains olive oil and jojoba oil. Quickly and effectively removes even point makeup (point makeup is a Japanese phrase that means lipstick, mascara, etc, everything other than foundation / concealer). Contains apricot juice and peach leaf essence as moisturizing ingredients. Non-fragrance.

Price: 780 yen (about $8) for 200ml

Review: This is a typical oil cleanser and effectively removes makeup like it says. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling tight and dry, although I would never use this without a moisturizer after rinsing my face. I apply it to cotton to take off my eye & lip makeup, and use my hands to massage the oil into my face for the rest of my skin. It effectively removes my waterproof mascara & eye liner. It is also affordable compared to other oil-based cleansers (for comparison, DHC is around $30 for the same size.

Will I buy it again? I think I’ll try other oil-based cleansers, but this is high on the list of products I’d recommend!

xoxo, K

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9 thoughts on “review: Muji Mild Oil Cleansing”

  1. have u seen the new fairyst oil based cleansers? i hear good things and they are under 600yen!! and the packaging is cute [okok i am sucker haha]

    and sorry to hear things are shitty for you! i hope it wasnt the little misunderstanding we had cos i truly wasnt referring to you at all <3

  2. Thanks for reviewing this. Is your skin normal/dry/oily skin? I have dry-ish combi sensitive skin and have been keen on trying this oil cleanser from Muji. Good to know it doesn’t have any irritating after-effects.

  3. >Yume-chan
    Of course it’s not you! Just a bunch of things happened which made me sad… thanks for caring! I haven’t seen the fairyst cleansers – could you send me a link?

    I sent you a tweet – would you like a sample? I have combi skin but it is not very sensitive.

  4. >navy wife

    No, you need to go to a Muji store. If you want a sample, I’ll bring some on Sunday!

  5. Welcome, K!! Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 I LOVE oil cleansers to remove makeup, I’m using the DHC one but this one looks very interesting as well! And it’s wayyy cheaper!

  6. darn i should i have purchased it when i was in hong kong! that’s the second time i didn’t get it there hahaha. the biore makeup remover clothes lured me in because there was a sale XD

  7. Hi there! Great review!!
    So I was just wondering, you massage the oil into your face then you rinse it with water or…??

    A friend of mine is going to Japan this week so I’m going to try some of these stuffs since they’re not available here in Indonesia… *sigh*

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