Nosey visitors and OUCH!!!

(non-beauty related blog, sorry!!!)

Pic of the day – I burned myself badly as I was making Gyoza (potstickers). But at least the gyoza was GOOD!!!

And yes, this is a rant.

My best friend from jr high / high school suddenly texted me on Friday night asking if she could stay the night on Saturday. We haven’t talked in like 10 years and she lives in Tokyo (300 miles away), so obviously I was very, very surprised at this sudden request.

Of course I said yes. She came to my house… and wow, that was tiring. I’ll keep my complaining to a total minimum, but I really need to let out steam!!!

Let’s just say that I spent an evening listening to her complain. That is a total understatement.

She also felt that it was OK to look through every cabinet that I own. She criticized me on where I keep my toilet paper, how many different kinds of spices I own, what CDs I have, and that my house is old. Even my parents aren’t that nosey.

OK, my rant is over!!!! Hope your weekend was better than mine!

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17 Thoughts on “Nosey visitors and OUCH!!!

  1. Ouch! I’ll get very irritated if my friend did that to me!

    Maybe it was her way of caring for you? Since you guys didn’t keep in touch for ages.. flimsy excuse haha

  2. oh no..that’s painful for sure!!! Oh no…afteer 10 years and that’s all you hear from her? it’s great that you can rant here 🙂

  3. “Gyoza”? Hmmm sounds delicious.. You should take pictures next time. Haha 😀

    Btw, I also hate it when a friend pays me a visit and then criticize me about how I decorate my room. Lousy friend!

  4. whaaaat? so rude! where her enryo? not seeing you for 10yrs.. coming over.. to your gracious hospitality.. then being rude. hmphh.. looks like we both had bad days, haha.

    sorry about your burn! my mom always tells me to put aloe vera on it~ if you haven’t already, of course 🙂

  5. Haha wow she’s so unappreciative!

  6. wtf?!?! that’s so strange of your “friend” hmm o_O She probably just came over to see how good you are doing…and to rub it in your face if you aren’t or something >_<

    and awww I hope your hand heals up!!! better put those burn ointment on and ice. At least you got good Gyoza hehe >_<

    ohh yeah and hello! =D first time reader <3

  7. Ouch! I hate getting burned while cooking. >__< & sorry your weekend wasn’t well. 🙁 I would get ticked off too if people were going through my things!

  8. gosh, that friend of yours is so tactless! hope your burn gets better.

  9. aw…. i am speechless. anyone like this should be banned from visiting others! hugs

  10. I’m sorry about your burn 🙁 That looks painful! 🙁

    and wth does your visitor tries to do? Tell her to mind her own business! :/

  11. Oh no! Sorry to hear about your burn and your friend! Sounds like she was too wrapped up in her own life and didn’t pause to see how you were doing. =X Not very thoughtful of her.

    I will definitely do a smokey eye tutorial sometime soon! =)

  12. Is gyoza = dumpling? Is your recipe simple? I wanttt, please?

    Thanks for the compliment! I’ve been to pharmacies and hypermarkets looking for rubbing alcohol but I just can’t find it. The worse thing is, nobody seems to know what it is, arghh!

  13. I hope your hand is okay.. ouch.
    Haha what a nosy friend. Did you say anything to her about what she did? I would probably tell her to stop being so nosy!

  14. Hope your hand gets better!

    Aww, i can’t believe how judgmental people can get.

  15. i’m so slow at commenting back cuz my school computer blocks some of the comment boxes >_<
    seems like your friend is pretty crazy..maybe you should do that to her wen you visit her XD

  16. Yuk! Such annoying behavior.

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