Japan Powow!

Today I traveled to Tokyo to meet up with some wonderful beauty bloggers!
Tokyo is more than 500 km (300 miles) from Kobe so it’s quite a trip!!! It was SOOO nice to meet some other bloggers based in Japan!

However, I forgot to take pictures… so I’ll wait a bit for the other ladies to post their pics…

Also, I got some nice samples and some VERY NICE goodies from the other ladies. I really want to post those, but I am super super tired today from my travels and from all the walking around that we did…

I think I’ll go soak in the bathtub and go to sleep…

xoxo, K

PS: Lady L, what was that blue medicine you gave me? It worked GREAT.

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7 thoughts on “Japan Powow!”

  1. Aw, its so fun to meet the lovely ladies of the blogging world. And I would LOVE to swap you for a magazine or two and the tattoo eye liner! You can email me at xoannie09@gmail.com if that would be easier for you. Thanks so much for offering!

  2. Hey Kay! The medicine was called ALEVE. My MOM introduced it to me and said its good for headaches and that “time”. We’ll get u some when we go on base!

  3. Hi Kay!!!!
    It’s Jeannie! It was soooo wonderful meeting you! I will be posting my pictures soon so you can just steal them off my site! =)
    Can’t wait for our next pow wow!

  4. > Askmewhats
    I love meeting new people!!!

    > xoannie
    Yes, I’m looking forward to our swap!!

    > L
    THANK YOU!! I love that stuff!!

    > tokyostargirl
    I’m so looking forward to it!

    > MiuMiu
    Please come!

  5. oh… thanks for visiting my blog. i am so glad you came as now i added you to my list. i need (as we all need) someone IN japan to update us new stuff! 😛


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