Japan Drugstore event samples – part 1

The event was really so-so. It was fun, but people were a bit stingy with samples… Anyway, I got to meet a bunch of nice bloggers and that was SUPER fun!

Here are a few of the samples I got:

Eco bag for the show. Let’s cut down on the plastic bags!!!
Facial masks! This brand is so great!! It makes my skin feel like a baby’s!!!
Body soap!
Facial soap!

Maybelline liquid mineral foundation samples!

More tomorrow!!!

Here’s my jewelry today:

Pink Pearl earrings
matching pink pearl necklace

matching Pink pearl bracelet

And the pink bag I keep them in!

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9 Thoughts on “Japan Drugstore event samples – part 1

  1. Your acssesories looks awesome! so cool! and facial masks looks good too 🙂

  2. wonderful hauls and I keep those cute pouches too 🙂

  3. O.o shiny~! I love them jeweleries ^__^

  4. i am yet to try any type of facial masks. but the samples look great. 🙂 and the jewelry is a plus i love pearls.

  5. Ooooh I want those facial masks! And I’ll probably send you one of the smudge pots if you want!

  6. nice haul!
    the jewelry is cute too.
    and omgsh you live in japan!?!
    i soo envy you.
    my friend recently brought me back magazines and i fell in MORE L0VEEE. aghh.
    i wish i could only speak it though. :[[

  7. oh and for my crease brush is MAC’s 224 :]

  8. Hi, just stopping by your blog. Can you do a review on the baby face masks? I was thinking of whether or not I should buy those. Hope you have a lovely time in Japan!

  9. u know I love masks.. don’t you .. hehehehe…

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