EOTD: Purple and pink

Sorry for being totally MIA… I’m trying to catch up on all the blogs in my reader!!!!

Wow, an actual EOTD! I’m just as surprised as you!!
I am a total newbie when it comes to e/s application…

Since I’m going to work today and I’m still a little scared of wearing bright e/s to work, here’s something that’s very soft with only a hint of color:

I used the Kate Gradical Eyes Palette in PU-1, a purple palette.

  • Base – Cream shadow (Daiso)
  • Lid color – C
  • Inner corner – dark pink color from Daiso palette
  • Outside corner – A, blended with B
  • Liner – Kate gel eyeliner in BK-3 (Black with blue sparkles)
  • Mascara base – Daiso
  • Mascara – Cover Girl Volume Exact Waterproof mascara in Very Black (not sold in Japan)

It was a total PAIN to get a good picture of my own eye.

For all my beauty blogger sisters, how do you take your EOTD pictures?

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18 thoughts on “EOTD: Purple and pink”

  1. Love the EOTD!<3<3<3
    And you have really long eyelashes!<3
    Haha I was a really rebellious teenager, to be honest I don´t care that much what others think about me till now.
    If you like the style why not wear it?^^

  2. I love the colors! You have great lashes, especially for a Japanese…I am half Japanese, and I have half Japanese lashes…thin, droopy, and sparse!

    If you want to take a good picture of your eye, use the MACRO function on your digital camera, and the red-eye flash feature if you need to use flash.

    Good luck!

  3. oh, the colors are really pretty.look so natural. haha, I love Kate.
    It is hard and shy for me to show my EOTD. Now NOTD slowly move to EOTD and FOTD.. hehe.
    love the way u put on makeup <3

  4. love the subtle color on your lids – very office appropriate 🙂

    I’m with Jamilla – I use the macro setting on my camera and red-eye flash once in a while…just play with slight changes in the angle, sometimes one shot totally washes out my eye makeup, but if I move the camera in a slightly different direction, everything comes out great 🙂

  5. hi there <3

    thanks for following my blog!

    Your eye look super gorgeous and i love the shadow colors <3

    I use my mirror to take a pic of my eye..for me, it works the best.

  6. Jeezus woman, you’re smart! Those helped soo much, could you explain to me how to measure the surface area? I don’t even know what surface area is! haha

  7. Jeezus woman, you’re smart! Your tips helped a ton. Could you explain to me how to measure the surface area? I don’t even know what surface area is! Hahah

  8. the colors look very pretty, i think it’s a nice subtle look for the office.
    the P&J spray smells like…hmm…kinda citrusy and flowery at the same time…very nice

  9. hey girl.. i’m new to the swapping biz as well and hopefully i like to do some swaps with beauty bloggers overseas bc I can easily acquire stuff here in the US. I want to try other stuff that’s not as easily accessible here. So let me know if you ever want to. It is a bit sad that we have one to ruin it all for the rest of us.

  10. Hi! Love that palette and love that EOTD!
    As for taking pictured. I do the same as the women above have recommended (Macro, In front of a mirror) but I also hold a piece of white tissue over the flash. This diffuses the light and does not wash out the colors. Hope that helps!

  11. This is a really pretty EOTD! I love this color on you.

    Hmm apparently I don’t take my EOTD pics the same way everyone else does…my camera is set on high resolution so I actually don’t take a close up of my eye(s), I just crop and resize the original in Photoshop. I should try the macro way sometime. =P

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