Day Trip: Kobe part 2

(Continued from yesterday)
So after walking around the shrine, I walked to Motomachi Station. It’s a few km, so it’s a nice walk for someone in dire need of exercise (like me)!!!
There are a bunch of places to see near Motomachi & Sannomiya Stations. Sannomiya is the main station in Kobe.

Kobe is known in Japan for having a large number of foreigners. Along with Yokohama and Nagasaki, it is one of the historical port cities of Japan. These three cities are also known for having the three major China towns in Japan (more on that soon!)

Kobe is well known for Kobe beef (after which Kobe Bryant is named!), coffee (the largest amount of coffee per person in Japan is consumed here), good bakeries, good seafood, etc. Yes, I love to eat!!!!

There is a loooong shopping strip which stretches from Kobe station, to Motomachi, to Sannomiya, containing everything from old fashioned kimono stores, to book stores that have been there forever, to trendy clothing boutiques, and of course, drug stores.

Matsumoto Kiyoshi rocks!! You can spot the yellow signs a mile away!

So what did I buy in Kobe? Some treats to share!

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