Day Trip: Kobe part 1

Since Yume-chan’s day trips are so interesting, I’m going to try to share my day trips to western Japan! As it says in my profile, I live in Kobe, Japan.
A few days ago, I took a quick walk near Kobe station, and found this shrine.
This is Minatogawa Shrine, built in 1872. More on the shrine can be found here:

The weather was absolutely beautiful and I had a nice walk inside the shrine.

Here’s a picture of Kobe station.

Of course I went shopping as well!! I’ll share what I bought tomorrow!

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8 thoughts on “Day Trip: Kobe part 1”

  1. Happy Birthday!! Again, just to make sure, hehehehe. Have a great day, and great rest of the year! <3 I can’t wait to see what you bought!

  2. Happy Birthday 🙂 You share the same bday as my brother! thanks for commenting. BTW are you Japanese?? did you msg before as “Kay”? Im not too sure, just wondering.

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