Day Trip: Kobe part 1

Since Yume-chan’s day trips are so interesting, I’m going to try to share my day trips to western Japan! As it says in my profile, I live in Kobe, Japan.
A few days ago, I took a quick walk near Kobe station, and found this shrine.
This is Minatogawa Shrine, built in 1872. More on the shrine can be found here:

The weather was absolutely beautiful and I had a nice walk inside the shrine.

Here’s a picture of Kobe station.

Of course I went shopping as well!! I’ll share what I bought tomorrow!

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8 Thoughts on “Day Trip: Kobe part 1

  1. Happy Birthday!! Again, just to make sure, hehehehe. Have a great day, and great rest of the year! <3 I can’t wait to see what you bought!

  2. awwwww how very cute!!!

    Happy Birthday To YOU and many more lovely lady!!! I hope you’re celebrating big with family and friends!!!

  3. Happy Birthday 🙂 You share the same bday as my brother! thanks for commenting. BTW are you Japanese?? did you msg before as “Kay”? Im not too sure, just wondering.

  4. happy birthday

    everyone is doing day trips now it seems hahah

  5. happy birthday!!!! i hope you had tons of fun!

    ahh..i wish i could go to japan now =D

  6. awww…thanks for letting me know about your blog. HAPPY HAPPY Birthday!!! 🙂 Hope your wishes come true!

  7. Hello K,

    This is my first time visiting your blog =)
    Happy (belated) birthday!!

  8. Happy belated birthday!!

    I want to travel to japan to try authentic food hehe :0)

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