Review: Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil

A few winters ago, my skin started itching like crazy.  I would be unconsciously scratching my skin, ending up with red welts all over my body.  I even woke up in the middle of the night because my skin itched so much.


The worst part of it was that I wasn’t able to put body lotion on, because it made my skin itch even more. Guessing that it was coming from the fragrance in my body lotion, I applied olive oil to my skin.  It was a little thick to apply, and also smelled pretty strongly.  My skin was so dry and irritated that olive oil was just the right thing to apply, but I definitely felt like a salad!


After that winter, I started applying body lotion even during the summer, to prevent my skin from drying out.  However, in recent months, my skin started drying out again. I needed something stronger than body lotion and easier to apply than olive oil… so I turned to baby oil.  This is a review of the Johnson & Johnson’s baby oil.




What it does: (from the company website)

Locks in moisture for baby soft skin. It’s a silky soft moisturizer for silky soft skin. JOHNSON’S® Baby Oil locks in up to ten times more moisture on wet skin than an ordinary lotion can on dry skin, leaving your baby’s skin soft and smooth. This gentle oil is also easy to spread, so it’s ideal for baby massage.

Price: Will vary. Target online lists this for $3.50/20 fluid oz (591ml).  Amazon Japan lists this for 691 JPY (about $6)/300ml

Scent: Very faintly floral.  I bought the “light fragrance” version, even though my skin was irritated from perfumes in my body lotion. A non-fragrance version does exist, but it was much more expensive than the light fragrance one!

Availability: This product is widely available in Japanese drugstores, discount stores, and baby specialty stores.



  • This is a thin oil which spreads very well.
  • Although it is perfumed, it did not irritate my skin.
  • My skin stayed moisturized until the next day.
  • Although my skin was greasy at first, the product absorbed into my skin well.


  • Well, it’s an oil. If the thought of spreading oil on your skin freaks you out, this product is probably not for you.
  • This is a very runny oil, unlike many of the other oils I have used in the past such as argon oil. This means it will spill easily if you are not careful


Would I repurchase? Yes. This product is fast becoming a must-have for the winter.

How do I feel about applying mineral oil to my skin? To be honest, it does not really bother me since it is a grade of mineral oil made for skin care. My skin gets so dry and itchy, and I am happy to find a product that works well for me.


How do you take care of your skin in the winter? Let me know!


xoxo, K

Throwback Thursday: Favorites from December 2010 & 2012

This month, I’m revisiting my favorites from December 2010 & 2012.


In December 2012, I liked:


L’Oreal Infallible eyeshadows (link goes to my review)

Ahhhh… I love these. I have mentioned them several times in my blog.  I probably should do a round up post of them on my blog!


 In December 2010, I liked:


Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy (link goes to my review)

I haven’t used this in a while!  I put it away when I moved to Indonesia because it doesn’t work for me in humid weather.  Since it is quite cold and dry now, I should try it again.



Wow, it seems I didn’t mention many favorites in December!


xoxo, K

Weekly Reads #183: December 15, 2014

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Review: Bifesta Uruochi Cleansing Lotion – a Bioderma dupe?

Can we take a moment to step back from the craze of Bioderma?  I feel like almost everyone in the beauty community online sings the praises of Bioderma.  To be honest, I prefer oil-based cleansers, especially since I have a few favorite brands which don’t leave a greasy residue on your skin.  I have reviewed Bioderma before, so I decided to give this local product a try.  This is a review of the Bifesta Uruochi Cleansing Lotion. Bifesta is a brand under the company Mandom, which makes the body wipes that I like so much.


What it does: (from the Bifesta website)

Removes makeup quickly while protecting the skins moisture. By wiping gently with a cotton, this product will remove eye makeup and foundation in your pores. No need to rinse off.

Price: Will vary depending on where you purchase. Amazon Japan lists this product for around 900 JPY (around $7.50) for the 300 ml bottle.

Scent: While there is a scent, it is only apparent when I sniff the product directly.

Availability: This product is widely available at Japanese drugstores.


  • This product did a good job at getting off my makeup.
  • Even my eyeliner and mascara came off with just a few swipes
  • Although I rinsed my face after using it, not having to do so is a plus.



  • I still feel like wiping my face with cotton is more effort than using an oil-based cleanser


Would I repurchase?  Yes, if I wanted to buy a water-based cleanser


This product was such a clear winner for me vs Bioderma! It did a great job of taking off my makeup including my eye makeup, which Bioderma did not do for me.  If you have access to this product, I really recommend it!


When using this product, I used the reusable cotton rounds I previously reviewed. I found that dampening the rounds with water helped the product to soak in better.



Hope you enjoyed this review!


xoxo, K

Review: Lush Hot Toddy Shower Gel

For the past few years, Lush has been one of the most reviewed brands on my blog.  Lush’s holiday line is especially popular, with old favorites such as Snow Fairy shower gel and Buche de Noel cleanser.  This year, I picked up a limited edition product, the Hot Toddy shower gel.


What it does: (from the Lush website)

With all the spice of a Christmas market, this deep red shimmering shower gel is sure to blow away the bah humbugs. Laced with softening seaweed, fresh ginger, cinnamon leaf oil and cleansing lemon oil, this will warm up even the chilliest of days and bring a sparkle to your shower.



3.95 GBP / 100 ml in the UK, $9.95 / 3.3 fl oz in the US, and 930 JPY / 100 ml in Japan.

This works out to $0.06 /ml in the UK, $0.10/ml in the US, and $0.07/ml in Japan .Due the currently extremely weak JPY, this product works out to be much cheaper in Japan than in the US.



This product smells strongly of cinnamon, ginger, and several other spices. The scent is very warm and inviting, and reminds me a lot of cozy drinks on cold nights.


Availability: This and other Lush products are available at Lush stores and online. Lush UK also ships almost all of their products internationally, at a fairly reasonable shipping rate.



  • I really like the scent, which is sweet but not overly so.
  • This product cleanses well and rinses clean, and does not dry out my skin.
  • While this product contains glitter, I found that the glitter does not transfer or remain on the skin. This may be because Lush has moved to biodegradable glitter this year.


  • The glitter in this product tends to settle at the bottom, and it is quite hard to shake it up.


Would I repurchase? Yes, I will probably purchase this again next Christmas!


Here are some other Lush holiday items that are available this year, which I have also reviewed in the past.

Snow Fairy shower gel
This is a very popular product every holiday season. I know some people who stock up on Snow Fairy every year!


Buche de Noel cleanser
I really like this cleanser. If you like Angels on Bare Skin, this is a great holiday version.


Snow Cake soap
Another product which has long been a staple of Lush’s holiday line!

Rose Jam shower gel
If you like sweet scents but don’t like vanilla scents, this is a very fruity sweet product.


Hope you enjoyed this review!


xoxo, K