Empties for October, November and December 2014

Here are the products I used up in the last 3 months of 2014! I get a lot of satisfaction from seeing my empties.  When I watch empties videos on Youtube, I amazed at how many products people can use up in a month.  It takes me a very long time to use up skin care products, and makeup takes forever!


Clinique Happy Eau de Parfum
I apply only a very small amount of perfume, so it’s amazing when I use up a bottle!  I remember picking this up at a CCO in London quite a few years ago.

clinique happy

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer Treatment (link goes to my review)
This product made it in to my favorite products of 2014! That’s pretty amazing considering I picked it up expecting not to like it.


Bath and Body Works Cashmere Glow body lotion
I’m just about done with my BBW stash, just in time for another trip to the US!  This product smelled similar to the vanilla scents from BBW, but not quite as sweet.



Bath and Body Works True Blue Spa Super Rich Body Cream
This is part of the True Blue Spa line at BBW, and is thicker than their normal body lotions.



Sleek Vintage Pigment
I bought this product when I went to London, and pressed it into a pan.  It is a shimmery antique gold color which I got a lot of use out of.



Bath and Body Works Twilight Woods shower gel (link goes to my review)
This is a much loved, much repurchased product.



Bath and Body Works Tiki Beach 3-wick candle
This was the first 3-wick candle I purchased, and I learned that they are way too big for me, and also do not burn evenly in my home.  I’ll stick to the medium candles from now on!


Bath and Body Works Island Margarita 3-wick candle
You can see the soot at the top of the container, where the candle did not burn evenly!


DET Clear Fruit Enzyme Powder Wash
(link goes to my review)
This was a great facial cleanser for my skin, with gentle exfoliating properties.



Urban Decay 24-7 eyeliner pencil in Zero and Whiskey (link goes to my review)
I got the Urban Decay Naked palette when it still came with this pencil, and now it is available to buy individually! From trying out this pencil, I found out that I definitely need to use brown eyeliner on my lower lash line as black looks too harsh. This was a great eyeliner, but I still love Jordana pencils more (and they are much, much more affordable!)



Revlon Colorstay Whipped Creme Foundation (link goes to my review)
This product made it into my favorites numerous times. It feels lighter on the skin compared to the original Revlon Colorstay, but it did not last on my skin as well.



Skinfood Fermented Soy Milk Wrinkle Care Sleeping Mask (link goes to my review)

 Sleeping masks are a hassle-free way to give your skin some pampering.  Just slather it on and go to sleep! It is surprising to me that while sleeping masks are popular in Korean cosmetic brands, I have never seen them in other countries.



Asian Secrets Lulur Indonesian Whitening Facial Scrub (link goes to my review)

This is a very affordable skin care product that I picked up while I was in the Philippines. It did brighten my face, but the scrub was a little harsh.


I enjoy reading other bloggers’ empties posts because the reviews tend to be more in depth, and I can find a lot of great products that I want to try next.  Hope that my empties post inspires you to try some of these products as well!

xoxo, K

Weekly Reads #188: January 25, 2015

weekly reads

The beauty blogger community is full of posts about new releases for spring 2015.  There are so many products that I am interested in!!! If only I could get my hands on them…   Oh well, I’ll have to find some new products from Japanese brands.

What were your favorite posts this week? 

  • Jordana cosmetics 2015, via Nouveau Cheap. I am very interested in the cream blushers, especially Peach Nectar and Sunkissed!
  • Loose, beachy waves for your bob/lob, via The Beauty Department. Since cutting my hair to this length, I have been doing more things with my hair.
  • Homemade flour tortillas, via Brown Eyed Baker. I’m thrilled to find this recipe, because the only place I can find tortillas is at the imported food store!
  • Perfect popcorn, via Simply Recipes. I first saw this post on Simply Recipes several years ago.  It is definitely the easiest and best way to pop popcorn!
  • The best lemon loaf, via Averie Cooks. I may need to make this soon.


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xoxo, K

Review: Bath2Basics Papaya Soap

This is yet another review of a product I picked up while I was in the Philippines.  As I was standing in line to pay, a few soaps caught my eye. This is a review of the Bath2Basics Papaya soap. 

Bath2Basics Papaya Soap

Skin whitening is a huge thing in much of Asia, and this product also says it whitens the skin. When I looked carefully at the claims on the product, I found that this product does not contain any ingredients that could bleach my skin. Instead, it claims to whiten my skin by promoting cell turnover.

Although I was excited about this product when I saw it in the Philippines, I was a little apprehensive once I returned back to Japan. My skin has been feeling a little dry lately, so I was afraid that this product would strip my skin. Fortunately, my skin does not feel tight or dry after using this product, and I have been using it to wash my face.

Bath2Basics Papaya Soap

Price: 58 PHP, around $1.25.  At this price, I did not have very high expectations for this product, but I was pleasantly surprised!


  • Leaves my skin feeling soft
  • Does not dry out my skin even in the dead of winter!
  • Very affordable!


  • The only information I could find about this brand was their Facebook page. It links to their website but it is under construction.  The packaging says it is a local brand from the Philippines, but there is very limited information.


Would I repurchase?  Yes, this is a great value!

Wow, I was really amazed at how well this product worked.   Hope you enjoyed my review!


xoxo, K

Review: Nichido Eyeshadow in Bronze Eclair

Since starting blogging, I have found out that I am not the only one who buys tons and tons of eyeshadow that are similar shades of brown/taupe/whatever.  They go with everything!  I use them a lot!  They are all a little bit different!  Yes, I know these are all excuses…

I picked up only 1 eyeshadow while I was in the Philippines, and of course, it had to be another browny shade.  This is a review of the Nichido Eyeshadow in Bronze Eclair.

Nichido Bronze Eclair


Price: 68 PHP, around $1.50 USD.  This is an extremely affordable eyeshadow!


This is one swipe of the eyeshadow without primer. It is very pigmented!



  • This is a very pigmented eyeshadow!
  • This product is very affordable


  • If you look closely at the swatch, you can see that the product pills slightly.  This product has a very creamy eyeshadow. If I wear primer underneath, it creases like crazy
  • This product has a screw top, which is a bit of a pain to use


Would I repurchase? Maybe.  If you can get your hands on this product at the original price in the Philippines, I think it is a great value for money!


I hope you enjoyed my review!


xoxo, K

Weekly Reads #187: January 18, 2015

weekly reads

What were your favorite posts this week? 

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xoxo, K